Traditionally Reared Hereford Beef Box


This box includes a selection of roasting joints, slow roasting joints, a selection of steaks, stewing steak and minced beef.

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Our Hereford beef is produced off grass forage and our cattle are free to roam the lush green pastures of our land, all of which ensures that they enjoy a happy and healthy life. Not only do our cattle benefit from their natural lifestyle but you can too.
Our grass produced beef is full of omega 3 polyunsaturated fats, much more than will be found in cattle raised intensively on cereal based diets. Omega 3 has been shown to increase blood plasma, and contributes to a healthy heart when eaten in moderation lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.
Our beef is chosen by some of the best restaurants and chefs around the country and it’s a firm family favourite too.
Free from additives and growth hormones, Hereford Beef’s natural marbling ensures each and every dish is full of the most succulent flavours all the way through the meat.
Our beef is matured on the bone for at least 21 days, for a rich, almost buttery flavour. Dry-ageing is an age-old process for naturally tenderising beef that also gives the meat a richer flavour.